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A poster featuring a profile of a bald, heavy set man with a giant red caterpillar with human features crawling onto his head.

Effortless & Balanced: Julius Klinger & The Art of Humor

Mar 17, 2021

Poster House is delighted to partner with Karen Etingin, author of The Life and Art of Julius Klinger, for an evening of merriment and posters! Join us as Karen explores the role of humor in European advertising in the early 20th century, with particular emphasis on Klinger’s magnificent oeuvre.

Karen Etingin is the owner of the iconic Montreal vintage poster gallery L’Affichiste. Karen has been collecting posters for over thirty years, has taught university-level courses about posters, and works with public and private institutions, as well as with individual collectors around the world. She was also consulted during the creation Julius Klinger: Posters For A Modern Age.