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An orange graphic featuring a blue and orange PSA poster set on a horizon with an arm throwing trash into a garbage can holding a leashed Scottie. Text reads make springtime and clean-up all the time The Subway Sun the sanitation department needs your cooperation aim for a clean city can your garbage put litter in your baskets curb your dog.

The Evolution of PSAs with Poster House

March 25, 2021

Dating back to the 1870s, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) have been used to communicate messages to the public on a variety of topics. Over the past 150 years, PSAs have ranged from calls to action to unite the public on war efforts, to messages conveying safety concerns when riding public transportation.  Many factors are considered when creating PSAs, including design and placement, for efficient and effective dissemination of information.

Join us after-hours with the New York Transit Museum Associate Curator Jodi Shapiro and Chief Curator of Poster House Angelina Lippert as they explore a general history of PSA posters. Learn more about how PSA messaging has evolved since the late 1800s, how New York City’s buses and subways have functioned as places where PSAs communicate to straphangers, and what the future looks like for the medium.