The Letterpress Posters of Amos Kennedy

October 8, 2020–January 3, 2021

Poster House is delighted to announce it is activating a new mini-exhibition space across from the Shop. As our inaugural show, we are thrilled to share the work of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., a letterpress printer currently based in Detroit.

Amos Kennedy is one of the most important letterpress printers practicing today. This display chronicles just a small portion of his prolific output, focusing primarily on the advertisement of Black cultural events in the rural South.

Selected Images

A letterpress poster that says the night was black in black text on top of a pink background with silver silhouettes of Alabama throughout.
The Night Was Black, 2011
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.
A letterpress poster announcing the rooster day festival. Text is black over a pink and green rooster printed background.
Rooster Day Festival, 2003
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.
A pink letterpress poster with black text announcing a lineup at Tee's Lounge.
Tee's Lounge, c. 2003
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.
A letterpress poster of the word Rise in black ink over a repeated pattern of the word Rise in reds and yellows.
Rise For Climate, Jobs, and Justice, 2018
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.