Vera List & The Posters Of Lincoln Center

January 14–October 3, 2021
Three framed posters promoting Lincoln Center hanging on a white gallery wall.

Poster House’s second mini-exhibition focuses on the contribution made by Vera List to the creation of a poster program advertising the new Lincoln Center complex in 1962.

Inspired by artist-designed posters she had seen in Paris, she earmarked $200,000 as seed money for what would become the List Art Poster Program (later known as the Vera List Art Project), featuring some of the most notable names in contemporary art, from Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein, Ben Shahn to Robert Indiana. Each poster advertises a new building or event at the venue, chronicling how a now-famous New York institution was introduced to the public through posters. 

This exhibition is made possible through a generous loan by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Selected Images

An illustrational image of an angel looking toward the sky while playing a harp.
Lincoln Center/Philharmonic Hall, 1962
Ben Shahn
A silkscreen poster in brick and saffron announcing new york state theater with a spider web design in the center.
New York State Theater, 1964
Robert Indiana
A silkscreen poster of a neon multicolored ticket stub for a movie.
New York Film Festival, 1967
Andy Warhol
A photo offset poster of a chagall painting. The background is swirling reds with three figures floating over a city skyline.
Metropolitan Opera, 1966
Marc Chagall