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College Night Online: Curation & Design

Apr 14, 2020

Poster House will continue to be a place of support and community building for our student members, and the student community we have been serving so far this year.

Our March & April College Night programs have been adapted to virtual panels and presentations. We will continue to provide learning opportunities and professional development to students in order to prepare for internships and jobs in the near future. We will host digital panels and distance support for resumé review, interview preparation, and other job prep skills. Poster House is opening up these panels to any student who is interested to join via Video Conference.

This Tuesday:

So many different fields and professions go into building and running a museum, but often that work is hidden or unseen. Our lecture series will feature at least three museum professionals speaking back-to-back about their roles and how they ended up in their line of work. Each evening is designed to introduce students to the diverse skills that go into the making of a museum.

After sharing these experiences, Poster House will lead students in a professional development session that will help prepare them to apply for a museum internship or other job in the field.

This Tuesday, hear from legendary design scholar Steven Heller, our chief curator, our design director, and work with our staff to find your perfect museum job!

– Legendary design scholar Steven Heller speaks about the design field and its diversity and application.
Chief Curator Angelina Lippert reviews the process of putting together an exhibition season and gives an introduction to curation.
Design Director Ola Baldych speaks to how she designs exhibitions and other materials for the museum.
– Prepare for Speed Mentorship! Work with museum staffers to identify which departments you are interested in and prepare for our Internship Speed Mentorship event on April 29!

This special College Night is offered to all students for free. Registration is required to receive access to the video conference. You will be e-mailed an access link the day of.

Like your time with us? Great! We offer $35 Student Memberships which provide you free access to live events, as well as museum access +1, throughout the year!

Looking to get more involved? This is only the beginning of Poster House’s 2020 student programming. Join us in the future for:

Speed Mentorship
April 20-24
Through our speed mentorship offering, you will be able to indicate your top three staff members that you are interested in meeting with for 10–15 minutes to talk to about Poster House, careers in arts and culture, and more.

Helvetica Film Screening
May 6, 6:30–9pm
Produced and directed by Gary Hustwit, this feature length documentary confronts the complex development of typeface and graphic design. Interviewing the masters of graphics type, Helvetica opens a conversation among designers about the necessary symbiosis of order and creativity.

All events listed are free with a Student Membership!